What is the best way to perform a shave to prevent an abscess? | How can you prevent an abscess?

What is the best way to perform a shave to prevent an abscess?

Frequently, abscesses develop at the base of an ingrown hair. This is often the case with anal abscesses, for example. Especially men with strong hairs are more often affected.

However, shaving can also promote the development of abscesses. In particular, razor blades that have already been used several times and are blurred can cause hair ingrowth. Shaving can therefore not be regarded as preventive measures.

When shaving, one should always make sure to use clean and sharp blades. Especially after multiple use, many germs deposit on the blades. Sharing razor blades with other people should also always be avoided.

Small cuts can also be disinfected with a skin disinfectant after shaving to minimize the risk of germs entering the skin. Opinions on permanent hair removal by laser treatment for recurring abscesses sometimes differ widely. From some sides such hair removal is recommended as a preventive measure. However, it is not entirely clear whether this actually leads to a lower rate of abscesses. You notice reactions of your skin after shaving?

Can certain creams or ointments help to prevent abscesses?

In the treatment of furuncles and small abscesses, in some cases so-called pulling ointments are also used. These ointments are intended to cause the abscess to mature so that a central pus point is created. Although this type of ointment was frequently used in the past, its use is now very controversial.

A positive effect on the healing of abscesses has not been proven and therefore their use is often no longer recommended. Also for the prevention of abscesses pulling ointment is not suitable. Any other creams or ointments cannot be used for this purpose either.

Preventing an abscess by washing

Poor personal hygiene plays an important role in the development of skin abscesses. Therefore an important part of the prevention of a superficial abscess is good personal hygiene. Especially people who sweat a lot should be aware that bacteria on the sweat glands can multiply well.

The intimate and genital area is also more often affected by abscesses due to the density of sweat glands and hair. You should therefore shower daily and if you sweat a lot, clean your armpits and genital area several times with water and keep them dry. After showering, for example, applying baby powder can help to keep the armpits and the genital area dry.

If you are very overweight, you should also try to reduce your weight, as this also makes it easier to maintain personal hygiene. Skin care is an important part of a person’s everyday life. You can read the following article about what the right skin care looks like: The right skin care