Which doctor treats angioedema? | The angioedema

Which doctor treats angioedema?

If it is an angioedema that occurs at the same time as shortness of breath, an emergency doctor should be called immediately. Otherwise, antihistamines, for example, which are administered in cases of allergic angioedema, are part of the standard repertoire of a medical facility. An allergic reaction can also be triggered at the dentist as a result of the application of local anaesthetics.

In this case the dentist would have to treat the angioedema. The family doctor or the medical on-call service are also suitable points of contact. If angioedema occurs more frequently and an allergic cause is suspected, the allergologist, who is usually a specialist in pulmonology (lung specialist), is suitable. If the tendency to oedema exists in the family and has been present since childhood, a human geneticist should be consulted to rule out the described enzyme deficiency.