Diagnosis | Broken vein in the eye


A burst vein without further symptoms does not normally require medical attention. It is mostly a pure eye diagnosis. To exclude conjunctivitis as a differential diagnosis, the doctor asks about pain, burning and pus in the eye. If it is a repeated occurrence, causes such as high blood pressure should be checked. Further diagnostics may include eye tests to check other causes of reddened eyes and their consequences.

Duration of the healing process

Blood vessels themselves heal very quickly and the vessel wall is completely intact again within a very short time. What remains, however, is the blood that has leaked from the vessel. This must be gradually broken down by the body.

This process takes as long as the fading of a bruise on other parts of the body. The haemoglobin (red blood pigment) is converted into other forms and removed. Overall, healing usually takes only a few days to weeks.