Driving with Meniere’s disease? | Meniere’s disease

Driving with Meniere’s disease?

People suffering from Meniere’s disease are only partially suitable for driving a car due to disturbances in their balance. The big problem here is that the dizzy spells sometimes occur without a sign. They are therefore also unpredictable and can therefore surprise the driver during a journey.

For this reason, those affected should refrain from driving a motor vehicle in order to avoid endangering road traffic. Of course, their own health is also of interest here. On the other hand, there are cases in which a seizure is announced by signs (reduced hearing, tinnitus, feeling of pressure in the ear).

The prerequisite for suitability in road traffic is that within a longer observation period only Menière’s seizures with a sign occurred, so that the affected road users can withdraw from road traffic in case of doubt. However, this requires an expert medical opinion and is an individual case decision.