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Health sports, fitness sports, preventive sports, rehabilitation sports, aerobic endurance, endurance training, endurance sports and fat burning English: health

Definition Health

Being healthy does not only mean to be free of diseases, but health also includes psychological and sociological aspects in addition to physiological ones. Thus, according to WHO (World Health Organisation), health is a state of comprehensive physical, mental and social well-being. (“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”)

Definition Health Sport

Under health sport all form of sport is summarized, with which the receipt, the improvement and prevention of the health is understood as primary goal. Sport is therefore instrumentalized and applied especially in prevention and rehabilitation. Sport is elementary for health and represents the fourth pillar in the health care system alongside acute treatment, rehabilitation and nursing care.

The concept of health

The physiological health refers to the physical condition. Determining factors here are physical and conditional prerequisites, the strength of the immune system and genetic predispositions. Further reference values that influence physiological health are, besides biological age and nutrition, a general healthy attitude towards life.

All personality traits are summarized under psychological health. Attitudes and views on different attitudes towards life, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. are included here.

In addition to character traits, stress resistance and the ability to relax are decisive for mental health. Sociological health determines the conditions in which people interact with each other. The family environment, friends, job and acquaintances, standing in society and the ability to communicate are prerequisites for social health.

The individual personality of each person, however, is a unique, relatively stable behavioral correlate that survives the course of time and must not be ignored. Note: The concept of personality should be used with caution, as the attempts to explain the term are almost equal to the number of renowned personality psychologists. In other definitions, the ecological situation often finds its way into the definition of health in addition to the factors mentioned above. By this one understands the living and environmental conditions in which humans live.