Galactography | Mammography


This examination is an extension of classical mammography. It can be used especially if a one-sided or bloody fluid leakage from the nipple has been observed. In galactography, a contrast medium is injected by inserting a very thin probe through the nipple into the milk ducts.

In this way the milk duct system can be shown on the X-ray of the breast. The insertion of the cannula can be unpleasant to painful.By means of this examination, so-called intraductal processes can be made visible, i.e. spatial masses that have grown up to this point, especially within a milk duct, and can thus be localized. However, the examination does not allow to conclude whether the mass is benign or malignant.

Galactography is a rarely used method and often unsuccessful because it is difficult to perform. However, specialized examiners have hardly any problems. The reliability of the diagnosis is good if it is carried out well. In some cases, galactography has been replaced by sonography or examination of leaking fluid for cells by the pathologist.