Synonyms Active substance: amiodarone Introduction According to Vaughan-Williams, Cordarex® belongs to the group of class – III- antiarryhtmics (potassium channel blockers) and is used for cardiac arrhythmia. The electrical action of the heart is generated in the sinus node (located at the atria) by the opening and closing of certain channels on the heart cells … Read more

Contraindications | Cordarex

Contraindications Cordarex® is contraindicated in cases of too slow a heartbeat (sinus bradycardia), disturbances in the transmission of excitation (AV block) and potassium deficiency (hypokalemia). Drug interactions Drug interactions can occur with simultaneous administration of beta blockers, acetylsalicylic acid (ASS 100, Aspirin®), statins, phenytoin and phenprocoumon. The effect of these drugs can be enhanced by … Read more


Synonyms in a broader sense Active substance: amiodarone hydrochloride Antiarrhythmics, Action names: Cordarex® Amiogamma® Aminohexal® Cordarex® Amiogamma® Aminohexal® Cordarex® Amiogamma® Aminohexal® The active ingredient amiodarone is used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and the drug is classified as a class III antiarrhythmic drug. Amiodarone can be used to help in cases of disturbed transmission … Read more