Zoledronic Acid

Products Zoledronic acid is commercially available as an infusion preparation (Zometa, Aclasta, generics). It has been approved in many countries since 2000. Structure and properties Zoledronic acid (C5H10N2O7P2, Mr = 272.1 g/mol) is present in drugs as zoledronic acid monohydrate, a white crystalline powder that is sparingly soluble in water. It is an imidazole derivative … Read more


Products Risedronate is available as weekly 35 mg tablets and as 30 mg tablets (Actonel, generic). Actonel 5 mg and 75 mg tablets are off-label in many countries. Risedronate has been approved since 2000. Generic versions went on sale in 2012. Structure and properties Risedronate (C7H10NO7P2Na – 2.5 H2O, Mr = 350.1 g/mol) is a … Read more


Products Alendronate is commercially available in the form of weekly tablets (Fosamax, generic). It is also combined fixed with vitamin D (cholecalciferol) (Fosavance, generic) and has been approved in many countries since 1996. Structure and properties Sodium alendronate (C4H12NNaO7P2 – 3H2O, Mr = 325.1 g/mol) exists as a white crystalline powder that is soluble in … Read more


Products Skelid is out of stock. Effects Tiludronate (ATC M05BA05) inhibits bone resorption. Indications Paget’s disease


Products Pamidronate is commercially available as an injectable (Aredia, generic). Aredia had been approved in many countries since 1993. Sales of Aredia were discontinued in 2016. Structure and properties Pamidronate is present in drugs as pamidronate disodium (C3H9NNa2O7P2, Mr = 279.0 g/mol) is present, a nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate that is soluble in water. Effects Pamidronate (ATC … Read more


ExplanationDefinition Fosamax® is a drug for the treatment of osteoporosis (bone loss). It belongs to the group of bisphosphonates, which inhibit the activity of the body’s own osteoclasts (naturally occurring bone-degrading cells). Their bone-destroying influence is predominant in many women after menopause, which is why osteoporosis (bone loss) develops. The consequences of osteoporosis can be … Read more

Dosage | Fosamax®

Dosage Fosamax® once a week 70 mg tablets are taken as described above and the name of the preparation indicates it is taken once a week. Alternatively, Fosamax® is also available in 10 mg tablets. In this dosage form, the tablets are taken once daily. Please follow the instructions for use. Side effects Only the … Read more

Price | Fosamax®

Price Since there is always talk about cost pressure in the health care system, we think it is important to know the prices of medicines (prices are exemplary and not recommendable): Fosamax® 70 mg tablets | 4 Tbl. (N1) | 51,01 € Fosamax® 70 mg tablets | 12 Tbl. (N1) | 124,04 € Fosamax® 10 … Read more


Products Ibandronate is commercially available as film-coated tablets (monthly tablets containing 150 mg of ibandronic acid) and as a solution for injection (Bonviva, generics). The daily tablets containing 2.5 mg of active ingredient are no longer available. This article refers to oral and monthly osteoporosis therapy. Ibandronate is also used in tumor treatment. Ibandronate was … Read more

Alendronic acid

Alendronic acid is a drug that is used for the treatment of osteoporosis. The drug belongs to the group of bisphosphates, which are chemical compounds containing two attached phosphate groups. However, common medicines do not contain an acid as the name “alendronic acid” suggests, but rather its salt (monosodium salt. For this reason, the name … Read more

Contraindications | Alendronic acid

Contraindications Alendronic acid must not be taken in case of any hypersensitivity and after an allergic reaction to the main active ingredient or other ingredients of the medication. In addition, patients suffering from diseases of the oesophagus (e.g. oesophagitis or reflux oesophagitis) should urgently refrain from taking this medicine, as the clinical picture could worsen. … Read more

Side effects of bisphosphonates

Introduction Synonym: Diphosphonates Bisphosphonates are chemical compounds that have two phosphate groups and are used as a medicine to be taken in tablet form or as an infusion solution. In everyday clinical practice, bisphosphonates are currently the most frequently prescribed drugs for the treatment of osteoporotic bone changes. In addition to this classic indication area, … Read more