Contraindications | Alendronic acid


Alendronic acid must not be taken in case of any hypersensitivity and after an allergic reaction to the main active ingredient or other ingredients of the medication. In addition, patients suffering from diseases of the oesophagus (e.g. oesophagitis or reflux oesophagitis) should urgently refrain from taking this medicine, as the clinical picture could worsen. Existing renal insufficiency is also a contraindication to the use of alendronic acid.

After consultation with the treating doctor and under strict, close supervision, alendronic acid can also be taken by patients who are taking it on: . Alendronic acid should not be taken at all if hypocalcaemia is present (low calcium levels), gastric bleeding (even at increased risk) and a pronounced vitamin D deficiency. Especially in the initial period after surgery in the oral cavity, throat and/or oesophagus, the start of alendronic acid intake should be postponed. Furthermore, alendronic acid must not be taken during an existing pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period, as a negative influence on the development of the child cannot be excluded. – Swallowing disorders

  • Changes in the mucous membrane in the area of the oesophagus
  • Inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis)
  • Inflammation of the duodenum and
  • Suffer from other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Other on alendronic acid

Drugs containing alendronic acid are only available on prescription and may therefore only be used in accordance with strict medical prescription. The medicine should be taken with sufficient liquid before meals.