Parasite Cure

Introduction In order to understand what a parasite cure is, the term parasite is first explained. A parasite is an organism that can only survive by infesting other living beings. These living beings are also called hosts. The parasite feeds through them, damaging organs and taking nutrients from them. It reproduces until the host usually … Read more

Side effects | Parasite Cure

Side effects With a parasite cure one can differentiate between an orthodox medical cure and an alternative cure. Accordingly, the side effects are also different. In a conventional parasite cure/worm cure, chemical drugs (Pyrantel-Mebendazole) are used. This has the consequence that the parasites are paralyzed. Due to the paralysis they are unable to move and … Read more

What are the expected results? | Parasite Cure

What are the expected results? A parasite infestation is a not to be underestimated and widespread health risk. For this reason, one should spare no effort in case of an infestation and take a parasite cure. The cure makes it difficult for the parasites not only to survive but also to multiply, which is why … Read more

Evaluation | Parasite Cure

Evaluation Most parasite cures have few side effects and are well tolerated. In addition, conventional medicine in particular is very promising, although the active ingredients help against different types of parasites or worms. Therefore, they should only be taken in consultation with a doctor. Especially pregnant women should be careful, as some of the cures … Read more