General information Naftidrofuryl is an active ingredient which is used in the context of circulatory disorders. Drugs containing this active ingredient are used in particular in the so-called pAVK (peripheral arterial occlusive disease) in stage II. Stage II of the disease is reached when the affected person is free of symptoms at rest, but shows … Read more

Dosage | Naftidrofuryl

Dosage Naftidrofuryl is an active ingredient that is present in many different medicines. Depending on the manufacturer, the active ingredient is available in capsule or tablet form and in different dosages. Usual dosages are between 100 and 200mg, with usually several doses per day. Depending on the disease to be treated, usually between 300 and … Read more


Introduction Tebonin® tablets contain leaves of the ginkgo-biloba tree in the form of a dry extract as the active ingredient. Tebonin® is used for memory and concentration disorders, as well as for dizziness and ringing in the ears. Tebonin® is produced from the leaves of the Ginkgo-biloba tree. The leaves are usually used in the … Read more

Indications | Tebonin

Indications Declining memory performance is one of the indications for the use of Tebonin®. Memory is a part of our brain functions. In stressful everyday life, it can sometimes happen that the abundance of stimuli causes you to forget or not remember certain things. However, this does not yet represent a pathological state, but is … Read more

Contraindications | Tebonin

Contraindications The only contraindication against taking Tebonin® is hypersensitivity to Ginkgo biloba or to the ingredients used in Tebonin® tablets. Tebonin® should also not be taken during pregnancy. The same applies during the breastfeeding period, since, as with many other medications, there are not sufficient data on this. Children and adolescents should not take these … Read more


Introduction Pentoxifylline is an active ingredient used in medicines to promote blood circulation. Since pentoxifylline also has anti-inflammatory properties, certain inflammatory diseases can also be treated well with the active ingredient. Due to its effect as a blood circulation-promoting substance, pentoxifylline has a wide range of indications. It is used in peripheral arterial occlusive disease … Read more

Alcohol and pentoxifylline | Pentoxifylline

Alcohol and pentoxifylline The simultaneous intake of alcohol and medication can be problematic with some medications. However, a direct interaction between alcohol and pentoxifylline is not known. However, since the active ingredient pentoxifylline is mainly broken down by the liver, the effect of alcohol or pentoxifylline can be enhanced if taken at the same time. … Read more