Urea reduced

What does a reduction of urea in the blood mean? Urea is a metabolic product that is produced when proteins (proteins and amino acids) are broken down in the body. These are first converted into ammonia, which is toxic to the body, and then broken down into urea in the so-called urea cycle. This can … Read more

Diagnosis | Urea reduced

Diagnosis The determination of a lowered urea value is usually carried out rather randomly during blood tests and does not require further tests in healthy adults. If there is a suspicion of one of the more serious causes of this depression, further examinations can be carried out. For example, if there is a suspicion of … Read more


Definition Urea is an organic compound that is formed in the human body as the end product of the urea cycle and is then excreted mainly through the kidneys, but also through sweat. Urea contains the substance “ammonia”, which is toxic to humans. This accumulates in various metabolic pathways of amino acids in the body … Read more

Urea ointment | Urea

Urea ointment Urea ointment is mostly used for very dry skin or neurodermatitis. Most people have already had contact with “urea” without even noticing it. Numerous hand creams contain this substance. Urea here means nothing else than urea. The second important function of urea plays a role here. It fulfills the same function on the … Read more

Urea-creatinine quotient | Urea

Urea-creatinine quotient The urea–creatinine quotient is the quotient of the blood serum-urea concentration and the blood serum-creatinine concentration and should be in the range between 20 and 35. Creatinine is a breakdown product of the muscles and is also excreted via the kidneys. Since creatinine is produced very regularly and evenly and is excreted almost … Read more

Urine Color

Introduction Depending on the amount of fluid ingested, humans produce about one to two liters of urine per day with the help of our excretory organs, the kidneys. In addition to water, the urine can also excrete harmful metabolic products that are no longer needed. These urinary substances are filtered out of the blood via … Read more

Why is the urine actually yellow?

Introduction Urine is usually a clear liquid that is light yellow to colorless. The less you drink, the darker the urine becomes. Urine is yellow because it contains so-called urochromes. Urochromes are all metabolic products present in the urine that cause the urine to be colored. Some of the urochromes are metabolic products that are … Read more