The scrotum

Definition – What is the scrotum? The scrotum is also called the scrotum. It encloses the male sexual organs, which are composed of the testicles, epididymis, spermatic cord and vas deferens. Consequently, in men, the scrotum is located between the legs under the penis. The scrotum is a muscular envelope, but consists of several layers. … The scrotum

Function | The scrotum

Function The scrotum envelops the male genitals and thus represents an important protection. Due to its elasticity it follows the movements of the testicles, for example when running or doing sports. This ensures that no direct friction is exerted on the testicles and also the spermatic duct. In addition to this protective function, the scrotum … Function | The scrotum


Introduction The epididymis is used for sperm cell maturation and storage of mature sperm cells. It is also part of the executive spermatic ducts. It is divided into three parts and lies on the testicle. The development of the epididymis is directly associated with the development of the testes and kidneys. It develops in the … Epididymis

Spermatic ducts

Anatomy The spermatic duct (lat. Ductus deferens) represents a 35-40 cm long tube, which is characterized by a thick muscle layer. The smooth musculature, which ensures optimal forward transport of the sperm, is divided into three layers. Thus one distinguishes an inner longitudinal layer, a middle ring layer and the outer longitudinal layer of the … Spermatic ducts