Hydrogel: Applications & Health Benefits

Hydrogel is a polymer that carries a high content of water and at the same time is not soluble in water. As a polymer, the substance consists of macromolecules in a three-dimensional network that swell in contact with a solvent while still maintaining cohesion. Hydrogel plays a role in medical technology for wound dressings, lenses … Read more

Neck Brace: Applications & Health Benefits

The term cervical collar is actually a colloquial term for the professionally titled cervical spine support. Cervical spine stands for cervical spine and the purpose of a medical cervical collar is to support it after a motion or whiplash injury. Thus, a cervical spine brace is intended to prevent further and more serious injuries to … Read more

Laser Drill: Applications & Health Benefits

Most patients are reluctant to go to the dentist, as visits to the office are often associated with pain and the unpleasant noise of the mechanical dental drill. In contrast, laser drills (dental lasers) operate quietly and do not cause annoying vibrations. Laser technology used in dentistry is more precise and often faster than commonly … Read more

Plethysmograph: Application & Health Benefits

A plethysmograph is a device that medicine uses to measure variations in volume. Depending on the type of plethysmograph, it can calculate the volume of blood vessels in the arms and legs, lungs or finger. In addition, this method is suitable for determining the volume of the finger (pulse) and the degree of erection in … Read more

Nursing Bed: Applications & Health Benefits

A nursing care bed is a bed that is adapted to the physical needs of people with severe chronic illnesses or physical disabilities. Nursing beds are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Their use takes place in both home and inpatient care and serves not only the patient but also the nursing staff. What is a … Read more

Bone Cement: Applications & Health Benefits

Bone cement represents a two-component adhesive, which is formed by mixing a powder with a liquid within a short time before use. It is used to elastically anchor artificial endoprostheses to bone. After the implants are inserted, the artificial joints can immediately bear normal loads thanks to the properties of the bone cement. What is … Read more

Dental Unit: Applications & Health Benefits

The dental unit is the centerpiece of every dental treatment room. Sophisticated, delicate technology combined with factually appealing design serves the patient’s well-being, yet must deliver uninterrupted high performance day in and day out. What is a dental unit? The dental unit is the centerpiece of any dental treatment room. The dental unit can be … Read more

Occlusion Film: Applications & Health Benefits

Various types of so-called occlusion foils are used in medicine. For example, the ophthalmologist uses occlusion films to treat double vision and for the dentist they are diagnostic tools. Ophthalmic occlusion film is a pleasant and gentle alternative to the conventional eye patch. What is the occlusion film? Ophthalmologist uses occlusion films for example to … Read more

Bifocals: Applications & Health Benefits

Bifocals are special multi-focal glasses. They are suitable for people who have two refractive errors. What are bifocals? Bifocals eliminate the need to switch between distance and reading glasses. With the help of bifocals, two different refractive errors can be corrected at the same time. The Latin term ‘bifocal’ means ‘two’ (‘bi’) and ‘focal point’ … Read more