Skin aging therapy | Skin Aging

Skin aging therapy

The condition of old skin cannot be treated in the sense of a “cure”. However, it is possible to take good care of the skin and thus slow down the process of skin aging somewhat and avoid consequential damages such as injuries. It is important that the mostly dry skin is kept as moist as possible with the help of various care products such as creams and lotions.

Some substances are also said to have a positive effect on the skin’s aging process. These include vitamins A and E, carob seed extract and acacia extract. Skin care products containing these substances can therefore be considered especially for the application on elderly skin.

Prophylaxis of skin aging

The top priority in preventing premature skin aging is not to expose it to too much direct UV radiation. One should therefore avoid excessive sunbathing and always ensure adequate UV protection by textiles and/or sunscreen when staying in the sun. Visits to the solarium should be avoided completely if possible.

A healthy lifestyle is almost as important. One should absolutely pay attention to a balanced nutrition, thus sufficient Vitamine and mineral materials to itself to take, sufficiently drink and on benefit means such as alcohol and nicotine as possible do without. In addition, it is advisable to try not to expose yourself to considerable stress and to value a healthy sleep rhythm. In addition, it makes sense to start very early with an individually tailored skin care, i.e. not only when the first signs of skin aging already exist, but already in early adolescence.This means that, depending on the skin type, certain skin care products (to cleanse, moisturize or dry out) should be used.