What do you do if the antibiotic does not work? | Antibiotics after a root canal treatment

What do you do if the antibiotic does not work?

The time until an antibiotic is fully effective is up to 2 days if the antibiotic is taken continuously. After about one day, there should be a slight improvement in the pain and other symptoms. However, if the pain does not improve or if the swelling increases, it is essential to consult the dentist.

In this case the body cannot fight the inflammation on its own and is dependent on external help. The pus that forms must be let out through an incision and the tooth that caused the infection may have to be extracted. In some cases it is also useful to take another antibiotic, for example if resistance to the first antibiotic has developed.

When can I start exercising again if I have to take antibiotics?

Antibiotics are prescribed when the body can no longer cope with fighting an infection on its own. This means that the body is then already very weak and needs some time to get the inflammation under control – this also applies to root canal treatment, which is usually necessary because of an inflamed tooth root. Sport is counterproductive for the healing process and should be avoided at least for the duration of the treatment. However, the doctor should be consulted about more precise behaviour so that the infection cannot spread further.

Can I drink alcohol if I have to take antibiotics?

In general, the consumption of alcohol is not recommended when taking antibiotics. The problem here again is the general weakening of the body that is present in such an infection. Alcohol consumption further weakens the body, as it requires effort to process and expel the alcohol. Rest and recuperation are therefore of utmost importance and should be maintained for some time after ingestion. There may also be interactions between the medicine and alcohol that increase or decrease the effect of the medicine.

When can I smoke again?

Smoking is possible after a root canal treatment and does not have to be stopped even if antibiotics are taken. The situation is different for operations that leave a wound on the gums or even need to be sutured, as is necessary for example for a root tip resection. In this case, one should not smoke until the wound has closed again, as otherwise wound healing can be impaired due to reduced blood circulation. In general, however, the following applies: Smoking is harmful to health in many ways and should be avoided.