Caution with miracle cures | Losing weight

Caution with miracle cures

No powder in the world melts superfluous pounds alone but usually only makes your wallet slim. Swallow one capsule every day and lose weight on your own without eating differently or less and without changing your eating habits. Such or similar offers appear again and again in magazines and newspapers and promise fantastic effects. Also on the Internet, dubious slimming products are offered in large numbers, mostly at high prices. One thing is certain, however: products that can be taken over a longer period of time and above all without risk and that lead to a permanent slim line (permanent weight loss) have not yet been invented.


Medicines for the treatment of massive overweight are available only on prescription and are usually prescribed by doctors when other risk factors such as high blood pressure or diabetes are also present. The active ingredients in these drugs reduce the absorption of fat in the intestines, increase the feeling of satiety or reduce appetite. You can find detailed information on this under the topic “Almased”. These therapies should be carried out under medical supervision and only make sense if the diet (nutritional therapy) is also changed and an individual exercise programme (e.g. endurance sports) is carried out.