Lumbar vertebra

Synonyms Lumbar spine, lumbar spine, lumbar spine General information The lumbar vertebrae (lat. Vertebrae lumbales) form a part of the spinal column. They begin below the thoracic spine and end at the sacrum (Os sacrum). A total of five lumbar vertebrae form the lumbar spine, which are numbered from top to bottom in LW 1 … Read more

The sacroiliac joint | Lumbar vertebra

The sacroiliac joint Synonym: ISG, sacroiliac joint, sacroiliac-iliac joint, short sacroiliac joint. The sacroiliac joint represents the articulated connection between the sacrum (lat. Os sacrum) and the ilium (lat. Os ilium). Structure: This is ISG is an amphiarthrosis, which means a joint in which there is almost no movement. The joint surfaces (lat. Ligamenta sacroiliaca … Read more