Function of the kidney

Definition The paired kidneys are part of the urinary system and are located at the level of the 11th and 12th rib below the diaphragm. A fat capsule envelops both kidneys and adrenal glands. Pain resulting from kidney disease usually projects onto the lumbar region of the middle back. The function of the kidneys is … Read more


Synonyms Medical: Vesica urinaria bladder, urinary cystitis, cystitis, cystitis The bladder is located in the pelvis. At the upper end, also called the apex vesicae, and at the back it is located in the immediate vicinity of the abdominal cavity with the intestines, from which it is separated only by the thin peritoneum. In women, … Read more

Cystitis | Bladder

Cystitis Urinary bladder inflammation, also called cystitis, is a problem that women in particular know. Symptoms are more frequent urge to urinate and pain or burning sensation when urinating. These occur because the bladder wall is inflamed and therefore reacts particularly sensitively to even small filling quantities. The inflammation is classically triggered by the body’s … Read more

Urinary bladder burst | Bladder

Urinary bladder burst The myth that the urinary bladder could burst if urine is kept in for too long is still persistent. Before this happens, it literally overflows. The bladder has strain sensors that are irritated from a filling level of about 250 – 500 ml and give the brain the urge to urinate. If … Read more


Synonyms Medical: Ureter Urinary tract Uringang Kidney Bubble Anatomy The ureter connects the renal pelvis (Pelvis renalis), which collects urine from the kidney like a funnel, with the bladder. The ureter is an approximately 30-35 cm long tube consisting of fine muscles with a diameter of about 7 mm. It runs behind the abdominal cavity … Read more

Malformations of the kidney

The kidney is a complex organ with many important tasks for the human body. As an excretory organ, it helps to get rid of unimportant or even harmful substances in the body, keeps the water balance in equilibrium, is an important contributor to blood pressure regulation and ensures that our mineral balance and acid-base balance … Read more

Cystic kidney diseases | Malformations of the kidney

Cystic kidney diseases A much more problematic malformation than, for example, a lowered or horseshoe kidney is cystic kidney disease, (cysts are generally hollow spaces filled with fluid) in which the kidney is interspersed with cysts, thereby disturbing the structure and thus the function of the kidney. This malformation often leads to kidney failure, which … Read more

Therapy | Malformations of the kidney

Therapy Especially in cystic kidney disease, early detection of the disease or malformation is necessary to treat renal insufficiency. In the course of the treatment, the kidneys are regularly examined by ultrasound. The determination of kidney values in the laboratory also indicates a further deterioration in kidney function. Furthermore, substances such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs … Read more

Diseases of the urinary tract

Synonyms Renal pelvis, ureter, ureter, urethra, urinary tract, urinary tract, kidney, bladder, cystitis, pelvic inflammation, kidney stones Medical: ureter, vesica urinaria English: bladder, ureter Diseases of the urinary tract However, it is possible that pathogens rise from the bladder into the renal pelvis and cause an inflammation (pyelonephritis = inflammation of the renal pelvis). This … Read more