Injection of under eye rings

Eye rings are also called halonated eyes. These are bluish to purple coloured areas below the lower eyelid. Their appearance can have different causes. For many people affected, it is an unpleasant cosmetic problem, which is why they would like to have it removed.


Circles under the eyes can occur for a variety of reasons and appear in different degrees. They can occur due to both psychological and physical problems. The thin skin, which is especially permeated by numerous vessels, intensifies their appearance and thus the dark circles usually appear even darker.

The skin below the eyes to the edge of the eye socket contains hardly any fatty tissue and is therefore very transparent and vulnerable. They often occur in an unbalanced lifestyle. Stress, little sleep or poor sleep and various diseases can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Also a poor unbalanced diet, not enough fresh air, drugs and alcohol consumption can cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


Before the procedure to inject dark circles under the eyes, some preparations and measures have to be taken so that the procedure can be performed without complications and with a good result. The patient should first have a detailed consultation with an expert doctor. In this conversation, the causes of the dark circles can also be found out.

Depending on the reasons, an appropriate treatment can be planned. Since there are different methods, the appropriate method can be selected in an informative conversation. At the same time, the patient receives all information about the course of treatment as well as possible risks and complications.

In order to achieve a satisfactory result of the injected rings under the eyes, the patient has to comply with some measures in advance and several treatment units will be necessary. These measures include abstaining from alcohol and blood-thinning medication. The medication should be paused at least two weeks before the procedure.

This will ensure that there is no excessive bleeding during the procedure and a subsequent haematoma from the injection will not be so large. The injection of the rings under the eyes is usually performed under local anaesthesia and as an outpatient procedure in a surgery or hospital. There are various substances that can be used to fill up the lower eyelid.

These substances include hylauronic acid, botulinum toxin (Botox) or the patient’s own fat. Which substance is most suitable for a patient can be clarified in advance and worked out together with the treating doctor. The choice depends on the underlying causes of the dark circles and the severity of their manifestation.

First, the area under the lower eyelid is anaesthetised with the help of an anaesthetic ointment. As a result, the patient then has less pain or, in the best case, does not even notice the operation. The anaesthetic ointment should be allowed to work for about ten minutes in order for it to be effective.

Once the anaesthesia is guaranteed, about 0.25 to 0.1 ml of the selected substance is injected into the area of the lower eyelid. The patient may feel a slight pain and a slight pressure. Depending on which substance is used, it is injected more superficially or more deeply into the tissue.

The area should then be compressed with a compress. On the one hand, this distributes the substance evenly and the pressure prevents blood from flowing into the tissue and a bruise from developing. The treatment should be repeated after 2-3 months.

The more often an injection is given, the longer the result lasts. The number of treatments also depends on the desired result. After the minimal procedure, the patient can leave the clinic or practice and does not need to be hospitalized. Afterwards he is not restricted with regard to sports activities.