Treatment | Abscess on the forehead


Small abscesses require no treatment and usually heal on their own within a few days. In the case of a large abscess on the forehead, you should always consult a doctor who will treat the boil professionally. The abscess must not be expressed by itself, otherwise serious complications may occur.

The abscess must mature, i.e. the pus collects on the surface of the skin and is visible as a yellow head. Immature abscesses can be treated with so-called traction ointments after consultation with a doctor, which help the boil to mature faster and the pus to drain away. The pulling ointment also has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes rapid healing.

In some cases, treatment with a traction ointment also leads to the abscess opening and draining spontaneously by itself. To promote the healing process, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic which has to be taken over several days. Usually an abscess is split by a doctor during a minor surgical procedure.

In the facial area, however, the abscess cannot be split because there is a high risk of the bacteria being carried away. The blood from the facial area flows through small veins into the inside of the skull. In this way, the pathogens can also reach the brain and cause meningitis or an abscess there.

Therefore, conservative treatment with ointments and creams is recommended for the treatment of abscesses on the forehead. An abscess on the forehead must under no circumstances be self-expressed. By pressing around, the bacteria and pus are squeezed even deeper into the tissue, which can lead to life-threatening complications. If the germs enter the bloodstream or lymph vessels, they can spread quickly throughout the body and cause blood poisoning (sepsis). Pushing around on the forehead can cause particularly great damage, as there is a risk that the bacteria quickly enter the brain, where they can lead to inflammation and abscesses.


The duration of an abscess on the forehead depends mainly on the size of the inflammation. Small pus pimples mature within one to two days and then heal quickly by themselves. In the case of larger abscesses, a doctor must be consulted to cut open the lump and allow the pus to drain away. The cut in the skin usually heals on its own after a few days.