What do I have to consider after the diet? | Slimming without yo-yo effect

What do I have to consider after the diet?

As already mentioned several times, it is crucial not to eat more than your daily calorie requirement after the diet. It should be noted that the basal metabolic rate has decreased due to the decrease. So if you want to continue counting calories, you should recalculate your requirements.

In general, you can also increase your requirements by exercising and getting more exercise. What may have been completely forbidden in the diet before, should not be on the daily menu afterwards. Burgers, pizza, chocolate and co. should continue to be an exception that you can treat yourself to.

However, the calorie balance should be kept in mind. If you have allowed yourself more in one day, you should compensate this with a somewhat tighter following day or take an extra sports unit. If you gain weight after the diet, you should check your diet for small pitfalls. Here it can help to keep a food diary.

Slimming down slowly

Which method is used to lose weight is rather unimportant if it is an actual loss of fat reserves. However, those who lose weight slowly have the advantage, among other things, that they have to accept less strict restrictions and have a high learning effect, i.e. they may be able to continue their healthy lifestyle permanently. This reduces the probability of falling victim to the yo-yo effect.

Does sport help against the yo-yo effect?

Sport is a proven means of supporting weight loss. Even in the phase after that, sport can help to increase the body’s energy metabolism. This gives you a little more leeway in your diet and strengthens your body, mind and health.

However, one should not overestimate the effect of sport. Especially after a decrease the achieved turnover decreases. Sport does not replace a sensible diet.

Does hypnosis help against yo-yo effect?

If you do not want to gain weight again after a diet, you must pay attention to your calorie balance. There are many aids and forms of motivation, probably also unconscious mechanisms, which can be addressed by hypnosis. Ultimately, however, it is above all willpower and one’s own drive that is needed to stay on track and not fall back into old, unhealthy patterns after a diet.