What options do I have as a twin mom? | Baby carrier or sling for babies?

What options do I have as a twin mom?

Being a twin mom can make carrying babies more complicated, but there are some good solutions for this as well. If the babies are still very small, it is possible to wrap them both in an elastic sling. In this case, both babies are wrapped in a sling next to each other in front of the body.

Because of the small body size, this is easily possible. If the babies get taller, however, they must be changed to other systems. For example, one child can be transported on the stomach and one on the back.

Alternatively, the slings can be tied at the sides so that the babies sit on the parents’ hips. It is also possible to use two carrying slings. However, the many hip and shoulder straps, which are usually well padded, can be annoying. Here there are also special twin stretchers where only a few shoulder straps are attached to two carrying devices.

Baby carrier in winter – what protection is there against the cold?

Even in winter the baby can be transported in a stretcher. However, there are a few points to be observed to prevent it from freezing. First, there should be as few layers of clothing as possible between the baby and the parent.

This way the baby gets a lot of body heat from the parents and is warmed up. It is best to carry the baby under a jacket. For this purpose, however, a jacket is required which is sufficiently large.

If you do not want to get a special jacket, you can simply use an XXL jacket, which can also be closed over the child’s body. Alternatively there are so-called carrying jackets or carrying covers. With the carrying jackets there is a device which can be closed over the child (usually in the front).

This way the jacket also keeps the child warm and it is close to the body of the parents. The carrying jackets can also be put on like a normal jacket without the use for a baby. The carrying covers are only fitted around the baby and have a warming, often also water-repellent function.

The baby gets its own jacket, so to speak. Nevertheless, you should check regularly whether the baby’s feet are warm enough. If the baby is freezing, you will notice it here most quickly. To keep the baby’s legs and feet warm, there are also so-called “babylegs”. These are put over the baby’s legs.

Which stretcher should I use so that my child’s gaze is directed forward?

In order for children to be able to look forward, some manufacturers have developed stretchers that carry the child in a forward facing sitting position. The child is carried on the stomach of the parents and can look straight ahead. However, this carrying position is said to be very bad for the back and hips of children.

On the one hand, the babies sit in a hollow back, which can lead to postural deformities. On the other hand, the legs do not lie in the desired position (squat-splay position), which can be bad for the hip joints. In addition, it is often criticized that babies are exposed to a certain amount of sensory overload.

The world has a great many sensory impressions to offer and babies can quickly become overwhelmed by them. For these reasons, baby carriers that point the baby forward are not recommended. Alternatively, babies can be carried on the hip. In this case the baby can see more than if it is carried on the back or on the belly looking towards the parents.