Bach Flower Therapy

Dr. Edward Bach, doctor and founder of Bach Flower Therapy, lived and worked in England between 1886 and 1936. He practised at a time when most of his patients were very poor. Throughout his entire career, he endeavoured to develop the Bach Flower Therapy as a method of treatment that was also available to the poorer classes of the population and could be used without fear of side effects.

While working in a hospital in London, he also worked with classical homeopathy and began to focus more and more on the psychological condition of his patients. Bach was of the opinion that many causes of illness are to be found in unresolved conflicts and negative states of mind. He recognized that not only the physical symptoms of an illness must be treated, but also the underlying emotional state of the patient, which could be determined from observations and conversations.

This is exactly what we find confirmed today in psychosomatic medicine. Bach recognized negative feelings in his patients such as: and he was of the opinion that, when they were out of balance, a person loses the power to defend themselves against damaging influences from outside. Then bacteria and viruses can lead to illness, cold wind or a sumptuous meal can cause discomfort.

  • Fears
  • Uncertainty
  • Hate and
  • Envy

For Bach, the restoration of inner harmony and the free flow of energies were at the forefront of every treatment. In his book “Heal yourself”, Dr. Bach writes about his view of the fundamental principles of life and his view of God and the world which led him to develop Bach Flower Therapy at that time. He was of the opinion that in creation everything is a unity, that each of us is also connected to everything and that this is so through a common, superior powerful energy vibration.

This has many names: Creationism, cosmic principle or God. Every human being is part of this great idea of creation, has his mission, his task, his fate. Between the immortal soul and the mortal personality lies, according to Bach, the so-called “higher self” as mediator between both levels.

With the help of this mediation our soul wants to realize certain potentials in the personality. These are superior virtues like: A realization of these ideal soul concepts in harmony with nature would constitute our true happiness. If they cannot be achieved, sooner or later the opposite feeling of unhappiness will occur!

The unrealized virtues are now showing their dark side, as defects like In Bach’s opinion, every illness is preceded by a negative state of mind based on the wrong use of one of the great human soul concepts and virtues. – Gentleness

  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Consistency
  • Wisdom
  • Joy
  • Determination. – Proud
  • Cruelty
  • Hate
  • Selfishness
  • Ignorance
  • Greed.