Biceps curl

A well developed upper arm musculature counts as an indicator of physical fitness and is therefore often used by men, especially in the fitness sector. Compared to triceps pressing, biceps curl trains the front part of the upper arm. The biceps curl is the most classical way to train the upper arm flexor muscle (M. biceps brachii).

Especially in bodybuilding this exercise is used to build up muscles. By the most different variations in the movement execution the classical biceps curl with a barbell bar represents the basic form of the biceps curl. Furthermore, the biceps training is used in various fitness courses in the area of strength endurance.

In order to provide the spine with a larger support surface and thus prevent back problems, the athlete stands in a step position. In the starting position, the upper arms and forearms form a right angle with the elbows close to the body and the backs of the hands facing the floor. The upper body is slightly bent forward.

During the concentric phase, the barbell bar is guided to the chest. The elbows remain close to the body. To avoid damage to the musculoskeletal system, the upper body should be moved as little as possible during the movement.

The common biceps curl can be performed in numerous variations. The use of dumbbells ensures bilateral arm training because the stronger arm cannot take over more work. Another effective option is the use of an expander.

Here, a continuous pulling resistance allows for optimal training success. By turning the wrists, the upper arm muscle is stimulated differently. If the palms of the hands point towards each other during training, the muscle is in a longer form.

You can quickly test this on your own muscle. In addition, the use of dumbbells promotes coordination and a stable upper body posture with a light support. However, the arms must be loaded alternately, not simultaneously.

Especially to protect the wrists, it is recommended to train with a s-z- bar especially developed for strength training. If you want to prevent back pain and exercise the biceps in isolation, you should make sure that the upper arms rest on a support surface. This form is often used for the forced reps and negative reps in bodybuilding, in which the non-loaded arm takes over the eccentric or concentric phase. If you do the classic biceps curl with the help of a cable pull, you should make sure that the upper body is not shifted backwards during the load, as this can cause overloading damage to the spine.