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As the name Bodybuilding implies, this is a form of body modelling through specific training methods for muscle building and strict control of food intake. The primary goal is not to increase strength, but to build muscle mass and define muscle mass through intensive training and drainage of the muscles. Due to the use of high weights and maximum training intensity, injuries in bodybuilding, such as a torn muscle fibre in the chest or a torn muscle fibre in the upper arm are not uncommon.

In organized competitive sports, the intake of performance-enhancing supplements is prohibited, as in other competitive sports. It should be mentioned in advance that the training methods listed below are only used for the purpose of bodybuilding. Although bodybuilding is treated as a part of fitness, these methods should only be used in advanced training for professional bodybuilders. For joint problems or cardiovascular diseases, training with these bodybuilding methods is also strongly discouraged.

Injuries and dangers of bodybuilding

When used correctly, the risk of injury in bodybuilding is generally lower than in other sports (tennis, handball, etc.). Due to doping, however, bodybuilding often receives negative headlines in the media. The use of muscle-building substances (anabolic steroids) often leads to acute health risks, and isolated deaths from this abuse are not uncommon.

For many bodybuilders, however, excessive muscle building in combination with anabolic substances has become a lifestyle and the risks are accepted. Especially at risk are ignorant beginners who are given unlimited access to the substances described above via the world wide web. However, there is the possibility to train the body naturally, without the help of doubling agents and other substances.

Natural Bodyduilding is one of many ways to build muscle mass in a healthy way. You can find further information under:

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Supplements are food supplements that are intended to enable optimal sporting performance, especially for athletes who consume a larger amount of this so-called sports nutrition. In performance-oriented sports, attempts are currently being made to optimise performance using all available legal means.

Among other aspects, the specific intake of permitted food supplements is often attributed (too?) large effects. Positive doping cases due to (allegedly) contaminated supplements have led to uncertainty in recent years.

Studies have confirmed that the danger of contaminated supplements does indeed exist! – Arm muscle training

  • Abdominal muscle training
  • Leg muscle training
  • Breast muscle training
  • Back training
  • Shoulder muscle training
  • Neck muscle training
  • Training with the Thera-Band
  • Training plan

These listed methods of bodybuilding have established themselves in bodybuilding in recent years. This topic might also be of interest to you: Aesthetic Fitness