Forecast | ADS in adults


Treated ADS has a very good prognosis. With the right therapy, understanding of the disease and sufficient training, patients can lead a very normal life. However, as many people affected are not aware of their disease, they suffer from the symptoms and concomitant diseases of ADHD for many years. The quality of life therefore depends heavily on early diagnosis and treatment.

Which doctor should I see?

The diagnosis of the child is made by the pediatrician. Usually parents and teachers become aware of the symptoms and initiate the diagnosis. In adults, the symptoms are often confused with other psychiatric disorders, so that the patient is being treated for other problems and only the attending doctor finds evidence of ADHD. This is usually the family doctor or psychiatrist / psychologist. Then diagnosis and treatment by a psychiatrist or psychotherapist is indicated.

Problems in the partnership

ADS patients often show a low level of social competence. The problems they had in childhood make it difficult for them to develop relationships even as adults. Negative experiences and associated psychological problems lower self-esteem and put a strain on relationships.

Those affected are often oversensitive, react inappropriately and have difficulty responding to their partner. The partner cannot sufficiently understand the problems of the ADD patient. In a partnership, misunderstandings, lack of communication, quarrels and frustration can occur so quickly.

The divorce rate among ADS patients is significantly higher than in the general population. Psychotherapy is particularly important for problems in relationships. Behavioural therapy enables them to learn how to deal socially, and experiences of success increase their self-competence. The earlier the disease is diagnosed and appropriately treated, the fewer problems the patients have later.