Day nursery

Definition A crèche is a facility for the care of children under the age of three, who are therefore still too young for kindergarten. The term “Kita” (= day care center) is less clearly defined and can refer to any form of childcare, so it could stand for a crèche or a kindergarten or a … Read more

Daily routine in a crèche | Day nursery

Daily routine in a crèche As already mentioned, the day-to-day life of a cigarette butt depends on the age of the children in care. Babies under one year of age need a lot of attention, but just as much rest. They are fed and changed and the rest of the time they are put to … Read more

Childcare Facilities Act | Day nursery

Childcare Facilities Act The so-called Kindertagesstättengesetz defines which childcare facilities belong to daycare centers, namely crèches (up to the age of 3), kindergartens (until the child starts school), after-school care centers and daycare centers (for school children up to the age of 14), and which regulations apply there to provide optimal support for children. The … Read more

Early detection of a dyscalculia

Characteristics, symptoms, abnormalities, early warning, dyscalculia, arithmasthenia, acalculia, learning impairment in mathematics, learning difficulties in mathematics lessons, dyscalculia. Definition Early detection All children who show problems (in the mathematical area) have a right to support – no matter whether this is due to dyscalculia (partial performance disorder with at least average intelligence) or to general … Read more

The motor activity | Early detection of a dyscalculia

The motor activity In principle, any movement that is carried out consciously and therefore arbitrarily falls under the area of “motor skills”. This involves various activities of the musculature, tensing and relaxing, but also stretching and bending. A distinction is made between two areas: In contrast to fine motor skills, the movement forms of gross … Read more

Educational learning games

On our site you can now also order high quality, educational learning games that challenge the child according to age and promote them at different levels. The visually attractive educational games are all handmade from high-quality wood (Nordic pine, alder or birch plywood). Care is taken to ensure that they are safe to use. For … Read more

PISA Study

What is the PISA study? The PISA study is a school performance test that was introduced in 2000 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCED). The acronym PISA is advertised in different ways, either in English: Programm for International Student Assessment or in French: Programme international pour le suivi des acquis des éléves … Read more