Introduction Pencivir is used to treat cold sores. It contains the active ingredient penciclovir, which is a so-called antiviral, a drug used to inhibit the proliferation of viruses. Lip herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. Genital herpes on the other hand is caused by herpes simplex virus type 2. Pencivir is … Read more

Side effects | Pencivir

Side effects Pencivir is generally well tolerated. It must not be used if you are allergic to acyclovir or to drugs containing penciclovir. Here it can come to hypersensitivity reactions. This includes the occurrence of rashes, hives, itching or water retention, which can appear at the affected area, but also beyond. When using Pencivir, there … Read more

What are the alternatives to Pencivir? | Pencivir

What are the alternatives to Pencivir? In addition to penciclovir, the drug acyclovir is used in the treatment of cold sores. This is also an antiviral drug. If shingles is present, the drug Zostex® is a suitable alternative, which acts specifically against these viruses and can be taken as an alternative. Some household remedies are … Read more


Introduction Aciclovir is an active ingredient from the group of so-called virustatics. Virustatics use various enzymatic mechanisms to inhibit the virus that has entered the body from multiplying in the body cells. Aciclovir is well-tolerated and can be used without hesitation, except for some side effects and risks that must be considered. As a rule, … Read more

Effect | Aciclovir

Effect Viruses that have invaded the body attack individual body cells and bring numerous enzymes of their own into the cell, which should ensure that the virus can multiply unhindered in the attacked cell. If there are enough viruses in the cell, the cell often bursts and the viruses swarm out to infect other cells … Read more

Side effects | Aciclovir

Side effects Aciclovir is generally well tolerated. Nevertheless, side effects may occur both with short-term use and with long-term use of the drug that has become necessary. The more frequent side effects when using ointments in the skin area include reddening and irritation of the skin, scaling, dry skin and itching or burning. When using … Read more

Can Aciclovir also be used for prophylaxis? | Aciclovir

Can Aciclovir also be used for prophylaxis? Aciclovir can also be used for prophylaxis. This is particularly useful for people who suffer from frequent and severe herpes or shingles. A daily dose of about 1g is recommended, which should be divided into three to five doses per day. The dosage for the prevention of herpes … Read more

Aciclovir in babies | Aciclovir

Aciclovir in babies Aciclovir can also be used in babies and children under two years of age. The application should always be discussed with the paediatrician, as he or she must decide beforehand whether it is really herpes or some other type of rash. As a rule, half the usual dose of acyclovir is used … Read more


What is Brivudin? Brivudine is the active ingredient in drugs used to treat specific diseases caused by herpes viruses. It is a nucleoside analogue and is much more effective than similar antiviral drugs. Nucleoside analogues have a structural similarity with the building blocks of DNA. If a nucleoside analogue is inserted instead of the actual … Read more

How does Brivudin work? | Brivudin

How does Brivudin work? Brivudine is a so-called nucleoside analogue. Nucleosides belong to the building blocks of the DNA of our cells. If brivudine is used instead of a normal nucleoside in the DNA structure, the further re-synthesis of the genetic information stops. The effect of brivudine is therefore that it interferes with the reproduction … Read more

When should Brivudin not be given? | Brivudin

When should Brivudin not be given? Brivudine must not be given to certain groups of patients: Therefore, it is imperative that the treating physician be informed of all medications that are taken regularly. – during pregnancy and lactation If the patient is younger than 18 years In case of known hypersensitivity to brivudine and the … Read more

Dosage | Brivudin

Dosage The dosage of Brivudine is quite simple. One pack contains seven tablets of 125 mg active ingredient each and the treatment period is set at one week. Treatment is started as early as possible, regardless of the time of day or food intake, by taking the first tablet. This is taken unchewed with a … Read more