10 Practical Tips against Cellulite

With short creaming is not to counteract or prevent the annoying orange peel dimples, for firm legs woman must invest already something more time. Gentle massages with anti-cellulite creams, promotion of blood circulation through cold-warm alternating baths, a low-fat vitamin-rich diet and exercise are all part of the care program against cellulite. Different treatment methods … Read more

Musk: King of Fragrances

Musk is a legendary fragrance that gives numerous perfumes their special scent. In addition, musk is a sought-after natural product for Chinese folk medicine. But what exactly is behind the substance? What does musk smell like and where does musk actually come from? We provide the answers to the most important questions about musk. What … Read more

Running Barefoot is Healthy

Running barefoot on a meadow or a soft forest floor – there is nothing better for our feet. However, nowadays most people rarely run barefoot, almost always our feet are in shoes. However, wearing the wrong footwear can cause foot deformities such as flat feet or fallen arches. Therefore, run barefoot as often as possible, … Read more

How to do Proper Foot Care

If you love your feet, you should take care of them. But the supporting pillars of the human body are often neglected. Not only optical impairments such as calluses and fissures are possible consequences, but also more serious damage such as ingrown nails or athlete’s foot. Foot care for diabetics In diabetics and other chronically … Read more

Good on Foot on Hot Days

No question – we love the summer. But unfortunately, the most beautiful time of the year also has its side effects: long car rides, constant sitting or standing in the heat make our feet swell painfully. With a little wellness from the tap at home and the right care, however, this shortcoming can be quickly … Read more

Apple Cider Vinegar: Tips for Skin and Hair

Apple cider vinegar is an inexpensive home remedy for skin and hair. As a rinse, scrub or toner, the vinegar helps against pimples and skin blemishes, as well as oily hair, dandruff and itchy scalp. Here you will find information about the effect of apple cider vinegar and tips on its use for shiny hair … Read more

Relaxed Eyes and a Beautiful Eye Area

Strained or tired eyes know almost everyone. Automatically, we then start to rub the eyes or even to press them slightly. This method is just right – with a little massage we can look at the world again relaxed. Many of us spend a lot of our time in the office – with dry air … Read more

That Helps against Cellulite (Orange Peel Skin)

Summer beckons and with it short, fashionable clothes. Unfortunately, the joy of it is often clouded, because on the thighs and buttocks show unsightly dents in many women – the cellulite. Nine out of ten people over 30 are affected by “orange peel skin“. Cellulite or cellulitis is not a disease, but a cosmetic problem … Read more

Healing Clay and Fango

In naturopathy, the primal element earth has been known since ancient times – healing clay, for example, is a true all-rounder for gastrointestinal complaints. It soothes the stomach, absorbs excess stomach and bile acids and all kinds of toxins. It also helps with skin problems and is used in body care. “Dirt cleanses the stomach” … Read more

Microdermabrasion Exfoliation

Every day our skin is stressed. Wind and weather, intense UV radiation and last but not least frequent contact with water and washing substances or cosmetics can stress the skin and the natural skin barrier. With microdermabrasion, a mechanical peeling method, the skin structure can be improved. Especially for stressed skin, with acne or scars, … Read more