Nose hair

Nose hairs are the hairs that grow out of the nose from the inside. They are relatively thick compared to hair on the upper arm or legs and are dark brown to black in most people. Nose hairs only grow a few centimeters long, but can grow out of the nostril, especially in older people. … Read more

Head Hair

Head hair refers to the hair on the head as opposed to the rest of the hair on the body. The human hair is between 0.05 and 0.07 millimeters thick, although there are smaller individual but also origin-related differences. The thickness of the hair decreases with increasing age. The hormone balance also has a negative … Read more

Grow faster | Head Hair

Grow faster Faster growing scalp hair can be desirable for various reasons. For women who would like to have beautiful long hair, and for men, whose hair fullness may not be as strong. Various factors can positively influence the growth of hair. A healthy and balanced diet provides not only the body with all nutrients, … Read more

Plucking | Head Hair

Plucking For many people with a pathological hair loss, the so-called alopecia, this is a very big cosmetic problem, which often becomes a psychological burden. Therefore, researchers are working at full speed on an effective treatment against pathological hair loss. More recent studies aim at the regenerative power of the hair. In a study with … Read more

Abdominal hair

General information The term abdominal hair is used to describe the hair that is found in the area of the abdomen. There are three types of hair in humans: Two of these types of hair can be found on the abdomen, both vellus hair and terminal hair. – Lanugo hair Vellus hair Terminal hair. In … Read more

Body Hair

Introduction The body hair, also called androgenic hair, is the hair on the human body, which must be distinguished from the hair on the head. It is influenced by the release of androgens. While the growth of hair on the head decreases when androgens are released, the growth of body hair is increased when androgens … Read more

Conspicuous features | Body Hair

Conspicuous features With the end of puberty the pubic hair as well as armpit and extremity hair should be visible and distinct in both sexes. For hormonal or physical reasons, there may be only a few hairs after puberty. In order to clarify this, it is possible to consult a doctor. Conversely, if there is … Read more

Body hair for women | Body Hair

Body hair for women In women during puberty (8-13 years of age), darker, more pithy terminal hair develops from the colorless, fluffy vellus hair of childhood in the pubic area, anal area, armpits and on arms and legs. The pubic hair of the woman covers the labia and the mons pubis in the shape of … Read more

Permanent Hair Removal | Body Hair

Permanent Hair Removal Permanent hair removal is the term used to describe the non-growth of hair for at least 3 months. The larger the proportion of the total hair plant, the longer the hair removal is. During permanent hair removal, not only the hair but also the hair papilla, i.e. the area of hair regeneration, … Read more

Chest hair

General information Chest hair is the hair that is on the chest (especially in men). There are three different types of hair in humans: lanugo hair, vellus hair and terminal hair. The chest hair belongs to the terminal hair, which is thicker, firmer and more pigmented than the rest of the body hair. Development of … Read more

Chest hair on the woman | Chest hair

Chest hair on the woman Breast hair is not typical for women and is often a sign of hormonal imbalances or endocrinological diseases (metabolic disorders). Two diseases associated with an uncontrolled or a typically male pattern of hair growth (beard growth, chest hair, abdominal hair) are hypertrichosis and the much more common hirsutism. Hypertrichosis is … Read more

Remove chest hair | Chest hair

Remove chest hair The most popular and widespread methods of hair removal include typical shaving, epilation, waxing and various laser procedures. Shaving, especially wet shaving, is the fastest and most popular method of hair removal for men. Due to its simplicity it is suitable for every part of the body and easy to implement. Chest … Read more