The palate

Definition The palate is the structure between oral cavity and nasal cavity. It forms both the roof for the oral cavity and the floor for the nasal cavity. Diseases of the palate Pain in the palate can have many different causes and take on different forms. A precise diagnosis of the occurrence of palatal pain … Read more


Definition The uvula is also called the uvula in medical terminology. It can be seen with the naked eye when the mouth is wide open in the rear part of the palate. It consists of a muscle, the uvulae muscle, and is soft to the touch. The uvula can play an important role in speech. … Read more

Anatomy | Uvula

Anatomy The palate of a person is divided into two sections. One is the so-called hard palate (Palatum durum), which is located in the front part of the mouth. On the other hand there is the soft palate (Palatum molle). This is mainly located in the rear part of the palate, is mobile and can … Read more

Palatal arch

Definition The palatal arch is the mucosal folds raised by the soft palate (velum palatinum). A distinction is made between a front and a rear palatal arch. When the mouth is open, the two palatal arches are clearly visible. Between the two palatal arches is the so-called tonsil niche (Tonsillae Lodge) where the palatal tonsils … Read more

Soft palate

What is the soft palate? The soft palate (lat. Velum palatinum) is a flexible and soft continuation of the hard palate. This continuation presents itself as a soft tissue fold and consists of connective tissue, muscles and mucous membrane. Due to its composition it is often referred to as soft palate. The soft palate can … Read more

Function | Soft palate

Function The main function of the soft palate is to separate the mouth from the pharyngeal cavity and the associated separation of the air and food passages. During the act of swallowing, the soft palate is pressed by the Musculus constrictor pharyngis against a bulge of the back wall of the throat. This provides a … Read more