Large tongue

Introduction A large or too large tongue is called macroglossia in the medical community. Furthermore, a distinction is made between a congenital tongue and a large tongue acquired later in life. The tongue does not always have to be afflicted with a disease, but it can mean a reduction in quality of life and be … Read more

How it is treated | Large tongue

How it is treated The large tongue as such cannot be treated. A surgical reduction of the tongue is not practiced, but a treatment of the causative disease is performed. For example, if the tongue is swollen due to an inflammation or infection, the inflammation will be treated. If the underlying disease is a pituitary … Read more

Tongue burnt

Introduction If you eat or drink something too hot, it can happen relatively quickly that you burn your tongue. What to do in case of a burned tongue? If you have burned your tongue, the need is often great in the first moment. With a few simple measures, however, you can easily remedy the situation: … Read more

Pain | Tongue burnt

Pain The burning of the tongue can be extremely unpleasant and cause pain. But why is this so? The burn of the tongue damages the affected tissue. Specialized sensors (receptors) for the stimulus “pain” (nociceptors) are thus excited and, in a simplified view, transmit the sensation to the central nervous system (CNS) and thus into … Read more

Bubbles | Tongue burnt

Bubbles Frequently, small pimples or blisters appear on the affected area after tongue burns. They are the result of tissue damage and are absolutely harmless. Sometimes they can also occur after eating particularly spicy or sour food. After appropriate meals, the oral cavity should therefore be cleaned sufficiently. Basically, pimples on the tongue should not … Read more