Definition Fontanelles are the areas on the skull of a newborn or infant that are not covered by bone or cartilage. They consist of robust connective tissue and bridge the areas where the skull plates have not yet grown together. There are six fontanelles in total, which close at different times. As a rule, however, … Read more

Function | Fontanelle

Function Fontanelles play an important role at birth. Since the child’s skull is pressed through a narrow birth canal, it must be able to deform somewhat. Since the skull plates are not fused together, but are connected to each other by the connective tissue fontanelles and sutures, they can shift against each other or over … Read more

Base of the skull

Definition The base of the skull is called base cranii in anatomical terminology and is a part of the neurocranium. The skull (lat. Cranium) is divided into the viscerocranium (facial skull) and the neurocranium (cerebral skull). The base of the skull is divided into the base cranii interna, the side facing the brain, and the … Read more