Gut loop

Definition An intestinal loop a piece of the intestine that runs in one twist. The small intestine is up to six metres long and runs from the stomach to the large intestine. It can be divided into duodenum, jejunum and ileum. While the duodenum is C-shaped in the upper abdomen, the jejunum and ileum form … Read more

Intestinal flora

The intestinal flora refers to the totality of microorganisms that colonise the human intestine. These include many different bacteria, as well as eukaryotes and archaeae, which make up the other two large groups. The intestinal flora only develops from the time of birth. Until then the gastrointestinal tract is sterile. The intestinal flora is very … Read more

Rebuilding the intestinal flora after antibiotic therapy | Intestinal flora

Rebuilding the intestinal flora after antibiotic therapy Antibiotic therapy is probably one of the best-known disturbance factors for the intact intestinal flora. Antibiotics not only kill the unwanted germs that have caused the acute illness, but also affect the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Especially a repeated intake of antibiotics can therefore have a … Read more


Synonym colon Definition Colon The colon is a part of the human digestive tract. It is located between the appendix (caecum, not to be confused with the appendix, which is only part of the appendix), which connects to the small intestine and ends before the rectum (rectum). The entire large intestine (including the caecum) has … Read more


The anus is the ring muscle at the end of the intestinal canal. It is used to control the retention and discharge of stool from the intestine. Symptoms Symptoms that can frequently occur on the anus are on the one hand pain, which in many cases is directly related to the bowel movement and can … Read more

After itching | After

After itching After itching is a relatively unspecific symptom, which means that there can be various causes behind it. In order to make a diagnosis, a physical examination and a close examination of the anus and the rectum are necessary. Behind the anal itching can be a damage of the skin, for example a tear … Read more


Synonyms Anus, intestinal outlet As a continence organ, the anus assumes an important function in mammals. Only through smooth communication between the brain and the various muscles of the anus can defecation be controlled in a targeted manner. However, this communication can be disturbed, especially in older people or small children. Furthermore, diseases of the … Read more

Anus praeter | Anus

Anus praeter An anus praeter (synonyms: artificial anus, enterostoma) is an artificially produced anus where the intestinal contents are drained through the abdominal wall. The creation of an anus praeter is always necessary when parts of the intestinal tube are diseased and have to be surgically removed. In addition, pronounced fecal incontinence may make the … Read more

Anus inflamed | Anus

Anus inflamed An anus that is inflamed can cause severe pain and itching. Inflammatory processes in the area of the anus can have a variety of causes. The most common diseases leading to an inflamed anus include haemorrhoids and simple hypersensitivity symptoms. As soon as the sensitive skin of the anus comes into increased contact … Read more