The heart consists of different layers. The outermost layer of the heart wall is the epicardium (outer skin of the heart). The epicardium is firmly attached to the underlying myocardium (heart muscle tissue). Structure/Histology To understand the entire structure of the layers, it is best to take another look at the entire heart. On the … Read more


The heart consists of different layers. The innermost layer is the endocardium. As the innermost layer, it comes into direct contact with the blood that flows through the heart. The endocardium (from inside to outside) contains the myocardium (the layer of the heart muscle) and the epicardium (the outer skin of the heart). The pericardium, … Read more

Diseases | Endocardium

Diseases The inflammation of the inner skin of the heart is called endocarditis. Untreated, this disease is usually fatal, but nowadays it is easily treatable with antibiotics. Other diseases are Löffler’s endocarditis and endomyocardial fibrosis. Diagnostics Echocardiography is used to visualize the endocardium. This allows the heart valves in particular to be examined very well. … Read more