Synonyms uterine ligaments, ligamenta uteri Introduction Depending on the source, the so-called maternal ligaments are either all the ligaments that stabilize the uterus or only those that cause painful symptoms, primarily when the ligaments are stretched, e.g. as a result of pregnancy. These are the round maternal ligament (Ligamentum teres uteri) and the broad maternal … Read more

Maternal ligaments in pregnancy | Motherbands

Maternal ligaments in pregnancy Usually at the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, the uterine ligaments have to expand increasingly as the uterus gets larger. This means that there are more tensile forces acting on the uterine ligaments, which are stretched. Stretching pain in the form of a pulling, stabbing pain is the result. … Read more

Function of the uterus

Synonyms uterus, metra, hystera ovary, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, ovaries Uterus – uterus Cervix – Fundus uteri Endometrium – tunica mucosa Uterine cavity – Cavitas uteri Peritoneal cover – Tunica serosa Cervix – Ostium uteri Uterine body – Corpus uteri Uterine constriction – Isthmus uteri Vagina – Vagina Pubic symphysis pubica Urinary bladder – Vesica urinaria … Read more


Introduction The endometrium is a pink layer of mucous membrane that lines the inside of the uterus. The endometrium plays a particularly important role during pregnancy when the fertilized egg uses the lining of the uterus for implantation. In women who have passed puberty and are still before their menopause, the lining of the uterus … Read more

Structure of the uterine mucosa | Endometrium

Structure of the uterine mucosa The structure of the uterine lining varies depending on the phase of the cycle. In general, a distinction can be made between two different layers of the mucous membrane. For example, the so-called basal layer lies on top of the uterine musculature. During the cycle, this layer always remains on … Read more

Diseases of the uterine mucosa | Endometrium

Diseases of the uterine mucosa Endometrial cancer is one of the most frequent cancers of the uterus (so-called endometrial carcinoma) in women in Germany. One risk factor for this is an excessively high oestrogen level over several years. Initially, an enlargement of the mucous membrane cells, the so-called hyperplasia, occurs. In addition, a distinction is … Read more


Synonym Cervix Cervix definition The cervix is the area between the cervix (portio) and the actual uterus. It extends into the vagina and serves as a connecting passage. During fertilization, sperm pass through the cervix and reach the actual uterus. At birth, the child leaves the uterus through the cervix. During the monthly menstrual bleeding, … Read more

The cervix during pregnancy | Cervix

The cervix during pregnancy In order to ensure that the pregnancy runs as smoothly as possible, preventive medical checkups are carried out approximately every four weeks. Among other things, the weight and blood pressure of the expectant mother are checked and documented, and urine tests are performed. Of particular importance during these check-ups is also … Read more

Spreading the cervix | Cervix

Spreading the cervix The cervix uteri is a few centimeters long during most of the pregnancy. 25 mm are considered to be harmless and healthy. However, shortly before birth, the cervix begins to shorten in preparation for childbirth. This is often referred to as the “wearing out” of the cervix. During this process, the inner … Read more