Potato diet


The potato diet is a carbohydrate-rich mono-diet, i.e. a form of nutrition that consists almost exclusively of one particular food, the potato. There are different ways of organizing the potato diet, all variants have in common the main consumption of potatoes. Potatoes are often eaten with eggs or quark. There are also dietary variations with low-fat prepared vegetables, salad or even fruit. The low-fat preparation of the dishes is essential for implementing the potato diet.

Procedure of the diet

The potato diet includes three main meals a day, which are made up of a total of one kilogram of low-fat potatoes. Snacks, sweets and sweetened drinks are prohibited. Depending on the type of diet, 100 grams of curd cheese or three eggs may be eaten per day with the main meals.

The dishes will fill you up for a long time, can be cooked quickly but can also be prepared very well. A favorable form of preparation is the jacket potato. This form of potato processing should be on the table at least three days a week.

Other possibilities are mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes. The combination of potatoes with curd cheese or potatoes with egg has a high biological value and leads to a very good absorption and utilization of the protein contained in the food. Potatoes contain a lot of potassium, which effectively dehydrates the body and quickly leads to weight loss.

Where can I find good recipes for a potato diet?

You can find good potato diet recipes on the Internet and tips on how to make your food more varied. If you prefer to have paper in front of you, there are also numerous books on potato diet, also in low-carb versions. An advantage of the books is that they usually provide structured diet plans and shopping lists for the diet. One can clearly follow the instructions of the diet book.