Whey diet

What is the Whey Diet?

In a whey diet, one or more meals are replaced by a whey drink. In Whey Fasting all meals are replaced by a drink. Whey contains the vitamins and minerals of milk, but the fat content is relatively low. Furthermore, whey stimulates digestion and drains the body.

Diet with cow whey

The yellow-greenish cow whey is a by-product of the production of dairy products and consists of approx. 94% water. When the milk is processed, the nutrients of the milk remain in the whey.

It is rich in vitamin B, potassium, iron and trace elements. The contained potassium has a draining effect on the body, the lactic acid stimulates digestion. Fat is hardly present in the whey, so the calorie count is very low at about 25kcal per 100ml whey. The proteins contained are very similar to the body’s own proteins and can therefore be easily utilized. Fresh whey spoils within a few hours, which is why you can usually buy it in pasteurized form, as a powder or ready-to-drink.

Course of the diet

The principle of the whey diet is based on replacing a main meal and possibly snacks with a whey drink. Whey is available in pasteurized – or powder form in pharmacies and supermarkets. It can be consumed with fresh plant juices, as well as nettle, artichoke or dandelion.

Fruit can also be made into a smoothie and drunk together with the whey. Calories are not counted in this diet. It is also not intended to do without certain foods. If, for example, lunch and a snack are replaced by a whey drink, it is still possible to have a rich breakfast and a normal and balanced diet in the evening. By filling the stomach, the drink can satiate even without many calories.

Good recipes

Recipes for the whey diet are easiest to find on the Internet or in books. But it is also recommended to simply “experiment”. The sour whey can be sweetened with honey or yoghurt. In combination with fruit or vegetables it makes delicious shakes. Cucumber, carrot or fresh herbs make a rather salty drink, whereas a mixture of raspberries, buttermilk and honey makes a fruity sweet drink.