Fasting History

Synonym Healing chamfered, diet, nutrition, removing At the end of the 19th century chamfering was no longer practiced by most churches and began to disappear in the sinking. Around 1880 the physicians Henry Tanner and Ed Hooker Dewey took up the topic chamfered again and revived it. Tanner accomplished at itself a 42-tägiges chamfered under … Read more

Detox diet

What is a detox diet? We encounter the word detox everywhere in magazines, on television and on the Internet. The name Detox comes from the English word “detoxication”, which means detoxification. Detoxification is the basic idea of the detox diet. It is based on the assumption that too much stress, work, stimulants and an unhealthy … Read more

What are the costs of a detox diet? | Detox diet

What are the costs of a detox diet? The cost of a detox diet depends largely on the origin of the drinks. If you buy a complete package, the prices are on average between 40 – 200€ for 3 to 5 days. Examples are “Cleanse Starter” by frankjuice, a 3-day cure for 99€, “Super Cleanse … Read more

What are the risks/hazards of this diet? | Detox diet

What are the risks/hazards of this diet? Since the body lacks important nutrients, a long-term detox diet can lead to deficiency symptoms. If the diet is radically changed, a hunger metabolism is induced, which causes muscle to be broken down, which is actually an undesirable effect. A total renunciation of food over a longer period … Read more

Side effects of diet | Low Carb Diet

Side effects of diet A change of the nourishing habits is rarely felt as pleasant, with the change to a Low Carb Diät one has to fight partly also with side effects. Before the body switches completely to the fat burning mode, the so-called ketosis, many people suffer from tiredness, concentration difficulties and exhaustion. Circulatory … Read more

What are the dangers of the diet? | Low Carb Diet

What are the dangers of the diet? A low carb diet, which supplies the body with sufficient protein, healthy fats and minerals as well as vitamins, can achieve great consumer success, be healthy at the same time and can therefore also be used as a permanent form of nutrition. In the beginning some people still … Read more

Low Carb Diet

Introduction The myth of “bad” carbohydrates as the worst fatteners you can eat has been around for a long time and persists for generations. A common nutritional and above all dietary tip is therefore to completely do without those carbohydrates in order to become or remain slim as quickly and effectively as possible. Some people … Read more