Overweight is a widespread problem, also in Germany. The number of overweight people has increased continuously in recent years. Accordingly, there is also a demand for weight loss products, sports programs and diet plans for weight reduction.

Special products designed to help people lose weight can be purchased in pharmacies or directly from the manufacturers responsible. One such product is the powder of Refigura®, which is available in portioned sticks. Based on natural ingredients Refigura® should help to reduce the weight in a healthy way. Many people know the product from medial appearances on television or various tabloid magazines. It is taken, dissolved in water, before the main meals and is supposed to help reduce calorie intake.


The weight loss product Refigura® is not a drug in the conventional sense and therefore has no classical indications. However, the manufacturer of Refigura® has issued two recommendations for the use of Refigura These are, on the one hand, rapid weight reduction and, on the other hand, maintaining weight. A weight acceptance with Refigura® recommends the manufacturers persons with predominance.

As parameter for the predominance the manufacturer of Refigura® refers not to weight data, but to the Body mass index of the person. Starting from a body mass index of 25 the taking of Refigura is recommended for the purpose of a weight acceptance. This recommendation is to be regarded however critically, since the body mass index does not say anything about the relationship of the body fat content to the muscle mass.

A person with a relatively high muscle mass and a low body fat content can therefore have a higher BMI, for example, than a person with the opposite ratio. In the first case, however, weight reduction would not really make sense. There are no other indications for the use of Refigura® other than those mentioned above.

Active substance/effect

The weight loss product Refigura® contains a patented active ingredient complex called “KiOnutrime-CsG”. This active ingredient complex is also found in other manufacturers of other products. In Refigura®, however, it is combined with other herbal active ingredients.

The plant basis of the active ingredient complex “KiOnutrime-CsG” is the substance chitosan. This substance has a high binding capacity for fats. Researchers could state in a study that the active substance can contribute to a weight reduction and in addition also the long-term blood sugar value -HbA1c- reduces.

The manufacturer promises that in combination with the other active ingredients, which are similar to a dietary fibre complex, sugar and carbohydrates are also bound by the product. The taking of Refigura® before the meal is to dampen further the hunger feeling. This is reached by a swelling material, which is to furnish a light saturation.

Also a ravenous hunger after the meal is to be prevented in this way. The manufacturer calls in this connection a time window of approximately 4 hours, in which also after the meal the hunger feeling is dampened. The product is free of animal ingredients, gluten or lactose and is produced without genetic engineering. The manufacturer recommends for an optimal success of Refigura® nevertheless also a healthy nutrition and regular movement and does not promise success over night.

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