Removal of the Adam’s apple | Adam’s apple

Removal of the Adam’s apple

In chondrolaryngoplasty, an approx. 2-3 cm long incision is made in a fold of skin, so that the scar is often hardly visible later. After exposing the thyroid cartilage, the upper parts of the thyroid cartilage are ground off.

This reduces the extent of the protruding part of the Adam’s apple. Up to now, the operation has been performed mainly on transsexual women as part of a gender reassignment procedure. It is mainly performed by plastic surgeons and shows relatively low complication rates.

Nevertheless, every operation is a risk and it should be carefully considered whether it is necessary. Since there are many vessels and nerves running along the neck, they could be damaged. In addition, breathing problems may occur after the operation, and the voice is usually not changed after such an operation.

However, if this is desired, the voice can be surgically altered in the same operation. After the operation, a pressure bandage is applied and the pain is counteracted with cooling and medication.