Remove dark circles under the eyes with creams | The best ways to remove dark circles

Remove dark circles under the eyes with creams

Furthermore, the dark circles around the eyes can be reduced or removed with the help of creams. Many such creams have a cooling and relaxing effect, which can also help to reduce swelling. In addition, the creams contain vitamins and nutrients, whereby especially vitamin C and vitamin K are helpful to remove the dark circles around the eyes.

Creams with a low urea content are also recommended as they promote water retention in the skin and thus help to achieve a fresher complexion. Creams containing caffeine or aloe vera also have an invigorating effect on the sensitive skin around the eyes. Besides these ingredients, many creams also have an anti-aging effect. After all, there is an enormous market of creams against dark circles around the eyes in different price ranges, which is why it is best to test the personal benefit and tolerance yourself.

Inject dark circles under the eyes

If the dark circles around the eyes are perceived as particularly annoying, there are further possibilities to remove the dark circles. An operation of the eye rims should only be considered if the skin is already very saggy and an eyelid lift would have to be performed during the operation. If this is not the case, injections with certain active substances are better suited for the removal of the eye rims.

There are numerous different possibilities, which must be discussed in a previous consultation. A distinction is made between three different filling materials, which are injected directly into the lower eyelid using a syringe. One of them is hyaluronic acid, which lifts, rejuvenates and brightens the skin, thus removing dark circles under the eyes.

One application involves injecting 0.25-1ml of hyaluronic acid gel per eye. The treatment has to be repeated after 2-3 months to guarantee the long-term success of the therapy. Another filler is a treatment with Botox (botulinum toxin) to remove dark circles around the eyes.

The skin appears refreshed and more relaxed. Another possibility is to remove the dark circles around the eyes by injecting the skin with the patient’s own fat, but this does not last as long as a treatment with hyaluronic acid. Even if these procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and the patient is discharged immediately afterwards, the side effects of the treatments must be pointed out.

The injection may initially cause a black eye, which heals in the course of time. In addition, irregularities may occur on the lower eyelid immediately after the injection. The amount of the active ingredient must be estimated very precisely by the treating physician in order to avoid damage.

However, the removal of dark circles is not permanent with these methods and after some time the dark circles return. At this point one must be warned against dependence, as the patient’s self-perception can be disturbed and the costs are in an affordable ratio. Depending on the active ingredient and its quantity, the costs vary between 10-15€ (one unit of Botox) and 400€ for 1ml of hyaluronic acid. Depending on the patient’s situation, the total costs range from 200 to 850€, depending on which agent the patient wants and is most suitable.