Running disorders in general


Running disorders are complaints and symptoms that occur mainly during running or after long training episodes and have various causes. A running disorder occurs after: It has different causes and localizations. In general, it can be said that the causes of a running disorder are usually in one that does not allow the muscles and tendons to glide smoothly and thus leads to increased friction.

  • Long running,
  • With excessive training or
  • In case of overloading.
  • Overloading of muscles and tendons on the one hand
  • Or lie in one anatomical condition to another,


There are different forms that can be distinguished in the running disease:

  • Shinbone Edge Syndrome
  • Piriformis Syndrome

Shinbone Edge Syndrome

The reason is overstraining of the calf muscles. These are felt by conduction as pain in the shin bone. The shinbone edge syndrome is one of the most common runner’s diseases.

The cause of the pain is that the starting points of the calf muscles, which extend into the arch of the foot, are irritated and can also become inflamed. The symptoms are cramp-like pain after and during sporting activities. The sports activities that led to the complaints should be reduced and paused in the following days.

Furthermore, cooling measures should be carried out. If the progression of the disease is severe, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs may also be necessary. Furthermore, overstrain should be avoided in the future and a sufficient warm-up program with stretching exercises should be carried out before a training phase. Furthermore, the choice of shoes can help to avoid incorrect strains and to train in a more balanced way. If there is no improvement of the complaints despite the mentioned treatment, you should consider choosing a sport that is more gentle on joints and muscles, e.g. :

  • Peace and
  • Relief.
  • Cycling,
  • Swimming etc.