The Bach Flower Water Violent

Description of the flower Water Violent

Water Violent belongs to the primrose family, grows in standing or only slightly flowing water and flowers in May and June. The flowers are pale purple with a yellow centre, the leaves remain below the surface of the water.

State of Mind

One has a pronounced isolated feeling of superiority, withdraws inwardly.

Peculiarity Children

Children in a negative water violet state only stand out positively, if at all. They are quiet, calm, eat properly, always look clean, do everything themselves. It is noticeable that they like to be alone, isolate themselves, but are not sad. The Water Violet child seems haughty and proud, not particularly interested in other children, likes to play alone. The child itself hardly suffers from this behaviour, but the parents will be worried that it will develop into a loner, appear arrogant to others and be lonely.

Pronouncement adults

Water Violet people have a strong personality, seem to be unapproachable and unassailable, they are different from others, go their way uninfluenced. They want to be special, do not like to mingle with people, solve their problems alone and are capable of doing so. People in the negative Water Violet state want to be able to do everything and never admit that they cannot do anything.

Sometimes these people stop communicating completely, even autism. They are proud and arrogant, often wear fancy clothes. It is very difficult to approach other people in an unbiased, open and friendly way (“My home is my castle”).

One is lonely, but this is not perceived as negative, one likes to be alone. Such people are often the ringleaders in the background, you pull the strings but don’t get your hands dirty. Due to their abilities, the advice of Water Violet people is sought again and again, not seldomly one becomes a mental garbage can.

As superiors they act like the famous “rock in the surf”, keep their composure, stay calm. Physically, tension and stiffness often develop in the back and neck. Skin rashes on the hands are also not uncommon (nobody touches me! ).

Aim of the Bach Flowering Water Violent

Water Violet should help to bring the child out of its self-chosen isolation and strengthen the interest in other people. In the positive Water Violet state, you create an island of peace and confidence for your surroundings, you are internally independent and balanced. One can approach other people in a friendly way, develops tolerance (“live and let live”) and finds positive access to other people again.