Alternatives | Aspirin® during pregnancy


As a matter of principle, the taking of medication during pregnancy should be avoided if possible. Especially in the case of headaches and aching limbs, as well as in the context of colds, a gentle therapy with relaxation and a high amount of drinking over several days is sometimes sufficient. In addition, herbal and homeopathic remedies can be used in consultation with a doctor.

For the treatment of severe colds and infections, paracetamol is the first choice during pregnancy. It has a fever-reducing and pain-relieving effect. When taking it, possible side effects (including possible damage to the liver and kidneys) must be taken into account.

An influence on the baby’s blood circulation has not been proven. Herbal and homeopathic remedies can often be used during pregnancy. However, it should be taken into account that these remedies can also cause side effects.

The use of these medicines should therefore always be discussed with a doctor. For the treatment of a cold, strong inhalation, salt nasal spray and a nasal ointment with angelica extract are suitable. The rare use of a decongestant nasal spray for severely congested noses is also possible.

For the treatment of headaches and aching limbs, warm cherry pit pillows and a warm bath are usually suitable. A massage (e.g. temple massage with diluted peppermint oil) and physiotherapy can also be helpful in selected cases. Acupuncture is also recommended by some doctors.

Is aspirin allowed if I want to get pregnant?

It is possible to take aspirin if you wish to become pregnant. There are no proven effects on the maturation of the eggs or sperm. An influence on the implantation of the fertilised egg in the uterus in the case of very high-dose long-term therapy with Aspirin® is still being discussed.

Treatment with low-dose Aspirin® to improve blood circulation in the ovaries with better maturation of the eggs is also controversial. Contradictory studies and results are available. Before taking aspirin if you wish to become pregnant, you should always talk to the doctor treating you. In individual cases, the targeted use of Aspirin® can be useful.