Bach Flowers for people who suffer from loneliness | Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers for people who suffer from loneliness

Heather (Scottish heather) One is self-centred, completely occupied with oneself, needs a lot of audience. You want to be the centre of attention and you are the “navel of the world”. One shows needy toddler behaviour and invents accidents, for example, to get attention again.

Only your own aches and pains count and you want to talk about them all the time (conversation partners are held on your sleeve!) People who need Heather constantly talk about themselves, their children, family, job. But they don’t listen to other people because they think that they alone are important.

Religiousness presented to the outside world, I feel the worst in the world. Positive development opportunities: Helpfulness, empathy Impatiens (glandular balsam) One is impatient, easily irritated, shows exuberant reactions. One works very quickly and effectively and cannot accept being different (more slowly).

One is choleric, impatient boss, excited, tense inside. One yells, runs red, cannot stand criticism. However, outbursts of rage quickly fade away.

People who need Impatiens can hardly bear the clumsiness of beginners (master and apprentice). “Before I explain it to you, I have done it myself” or “Give it to me, it makes me tingly”. Sometimes one seems mean and cruel.

In the impatient state one is often plagued by pain (tension pain, tearing pain). Positive development opportunities: Patience, gentleness, compassion Water Violet (swamp water feather) One withdraws inwardly, has an isolated feeling of arrogance One is proud and arrogant, wants to be different and special. One appears aloof, is often silent, wears fancy clothes, does not like to mingle with people.

You solve your problems alone and are capable of doing so. One stops communicating with the environment (autism) and can lie perfectly. People who need Water Violet do not suffer from loneliness at first, they like to be alone, they need distance “my home is my castle”.

One is a good advisor and as boss often the rock in the surf. Children in this state want to be able to do everything, don’t want to shake hands (nobody touches me! ), are model children and can deal with their problems themselves. Danger of falling off. Positive development opportunities: humility, wisdom, togetherness

Bach Flowers for people who are overly concerned about the well-being of others

Beech (red beech) One condemns other people without any compassion, is overcritical and not very tolerant. One is extremely arrogant and has prejudices without experience. One has no opinion of one’s own, knows no mercy and sees the faults of others immediately.

One is falsely friendly and pretends to have understanding for everything. One is inwardly tense and hardened and isolates oneself through one’s supercritical attitude. One always sees the splinter in the eye of the other person, but not the beam in one’s own eye!

Positive development opportunities: Tolerance, understanding and insight that every person is different. Chicory (chicory) One expects full attention from one’s surroundings and breaks out into self-pity if one does not get one’s way. Possessive personality attitude that likes to interfere and manipulate.

Outwardly, motherliness and selflessness are demonstrated but in reality used as a means of pressure. You demand honour, respect and gratitude for your behaviour (possessive super mother who controls the life and feelings of her family). “I love you… … .

. . .but on condition that.

. . .

!“ People who need chicory use diseases (even imaginary ones) to bind other people to themselves, sometimes therapies are refused because one fears that one’s own position of power will be undermined. Positive development possibilities: Real ability to love. Vervain (vervain) One is committed to a good cause, overexploits one’s powers, is irritable and fanatical.

Missionary and managerial types. You believe your own opinion is always one hundred percent correct. You use force and pressure and are cruel so that everyone does it that way.

One is overzealous, acts for others and tries to force them to their happiness. Without me the world will end, I must not be sick. Positive development opportunities: Accepting other opinions, focusing your energy on a worthwhile task.

Vine (grapevine) One is a strong personality and is eager to assert one’s will. One is ruthless, does not tolerate contradiction and has a high claim to power. One oppresses weaker people and considers his will the only thing that makes him happy.

People who need Vine are overly authoritarian and their power of assertion is misused. People do not discuss because they are always right anyway. Positive development opportunities: Positive authority and assertiveness, helpfulness Rock Water (Healing Spring Water) One is hard on oneself, has strict and hard opinions, suppresses one’s needs.

One lives in self-imposed, narrow structures. One wants to be ideal, is arrogant, proud and immovable. One tends to exaggerate and extremes (anti-smoking, anti-alcoholic, etc.)

and is fanatical in his opinions. However, one does not try to proselytize, one places oneself above others. Positive development opportunities: adaptability and inner freedom.