Duration of the healing of a neck abscess | Abscess of the neck

Duration of the healing of a neck abscess

The duration of a neck abscess depends on the size of the furuncle and the spread of the inflammation. Sometimes the abscess opens by itself during the course of the disease and the pus can drain away. In the case of very large or deep abscesses, the accumulation of pus must be opened by a doctor. After the pus has drained off with the bacteria, the wound heals without complications within a few days.

Causes of a neck abscess

The cause of an abscess in the neck is in most cases the inflammation of a hair follicle. A typical pathogen of abscesses is the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which occurs in the natural skin flora of the body. Via the hair shaft, the bacteria reach the deep skin layers and cause an inflammatory reaction there.

The infection causes inflamed tissue to melt down and a cavity filled with pus – the abscess – develops. The bacteria enter the tissue more easily if the skin has already been damaged by minor injuries or mechanical stress, such as rubbing collars or chains. The development of abscesses is also promoted by a weakened immune system and immunocompromised people, such as poorly adjusted diabetics, cancer patients or people after transplants, are often particularly susceptible to abscesses. Furthermore, a lack of personal hygiene promotes the formation of abscesses.

Diagnosis of an abscess in the neck

The doctor simply makes the diagnosis of a superficial abscess in the neck by means of gaze diagnosis based on the typical skin changes. The painful lump with the characteristic yellowish pus head in the middle is typical of an abscess. In the case of deep-seated abscesses, the doctor can determine the size and spread of the inflammation by means of an ultrasound examination. By means of a blood test the inflammation values (leukocytes, CRP) in the body can be determined.

Other localizations

Abscesses can occur not only in the neck, but also, for example, in the lateral neck area. An abscess in the neck area is usually located in the neck, but sometimes a furuncle can also form on the side of the neck. An abscess on the neck can have many causes.

Often men have small pimples and ingrown hairs after shaving, which can later develop into an abscess. But also already developing inflammations in the head area, such as purulent tonsillitis or middle ear inflammation, can spread to the tissue of the neck and lead to the formation of an abscess. The neck is a sensitive area, as important vessels and nerve tracts, such as the carotid arteries and the jugular veins, run between the head and body in this area.

Therefore, an abscess on the neck usually requires treatment. Depending on its location, the doctor cuts open the lump under local or general anaesthesia and then prescribes antibiotic therapy.