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Fasting Definition

By chamfered one understands a limited food intake and/or the complete renouncement of solid food over a limited period for naturopathic, medical or religious reasons.

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By fasting one understands the omission of all solid food or certain food over a limited period. Chamfering cures are already accomplished for a long time by humans.

One differentiates chamfering times, as it is practiced in Christianity, Judaism or Islam on certain days or during a certain time, from the naturopathic chamfered that is to be still distinguished from medical Fastenkuren. While the school medicine uses chamfered rather from medical physical criteria, in the naturopathic chamfering theory one pays attention to the harmony of body and spirit. The most important chamfering cure representatives are Buchinger, Mayr and Hildegard of Bingen, which differ in the structure of the chamfering cure, the duration and in the organization.

Generally one can state that at the beginning of a chamfering cure usually a discharge day is set, on which the body is to be prepared by light food for the forthcoming chamfering time, then follow 5-20 days of chamfering, which are coined/shaped in the morning by an intestine reorganization (decontamination, Abführmaßnahmen) and at noon by teas, vegetable soups etc. At the end of the chamfering days usually two structure days follow, on which the body is to be accustomed again to solid food/nutrition. In principle everyone can do a fasting cure.

However, due to the unusual stresses and strains (shingle, blood pressure reduction, etc.) old patients, children and patients with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases (heart failure) and low blood pressure should refrain from therapeutic fasting. After the school medicine discovered and used chamfered for weight-reducing reasons, a time of forgetting followed, since numerous over-weighty people died at a chamfering cure.

Today numerous companies within the commercial range discovered chamfered again for itself and offer beside food auxiliary means also moving routes and vacations with chamfered. During chamfered numerous biochemical procedures happen in the body, which switches to a hunger metabolism. There are not yet exact scientific investigations to the effects of chamfered and the chamfered risks on the health.

It seems however that chamfered could stimulate the immune system. By the silence of the intestine the main entrance gate for pathogens is closed for a certain period of time, the immune system is relieved thereby. Curative fasting can still be distinguished from the temporary and orthodox-medically prescribed food leave, which is indicated for certain diseases in order to protect the gastrointestinal tract (pancreatitis, gastrointestinal infections, etc.).