Parotid gland

Introduction A person produces about one and a half liters of saliva every day. The parotid gland (Parotis or Glandula parotidea) is mainly involved in the production of this enormous amount of fluid. It is the largest salivary gland in the mouth and jaw area, which is found in humans as well as in all … Read more

Salivary glands

Synonyms spit, saliva Classification The term “salivary glands” (Glandulae salivatoriae) covers all those exocrine glands that produce saliva and secrete it into the oral cavity. (In the past, the pancreas was also counted among the salivary glands, a classification that has since been abandoned, which is why today, when we speak of saliva, we usually … Read more

Function | Salivary glands

Function pThere are a large number of salivary glands within the human body. These can have different functions. The most important function of the salivary glands within the oral cavity is the production and secretion of a viscous to thin fluid secretion. Among other things, this secretion serves to moisten the oral cavity. In addition, … Read more